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Space-saving gadgets

The April showers have hit us hard and fast, which surely means summer is round the corner? Who knows, but it seems about the right time to oust out the winter stragglers and spring clean the clutter.

Often when we try to de-clutter our homes, we find ourselves buying storage boxes and other compartments for a neater, more organised scene. However the result is much the same in that we still are as cluttered in terms of space, but with a tidy setting of organised mess.

Here at Big Yellow, we’ve been spying around to find some cunning gadgets to store away the winter warmers, the rainy reminders and the things you simply want to keep to yourself, away from prying eyes!

Great Space Savers
First up, is something worthy for an old school James Bond, from Secret Storage Books. Even if you’re an avid bookworm, there’s always room at the end of the bookshelf for a secret binder. No, unfortunately this won’t open up a secret tunnel to Blofeld’s lair, but it can hide your secret or most precious items: your future wife’s engagement ring, the key for the secret tunnel to Blofeld’s lair or simply your keys and precious cash.

Storage compartments in your bed seem to be a necessity these days, but when your bedroom is small, the drawers on the side of the bed are not easily accessible. Take a look at Adam Dachis’ excellent, secret storage creation using a bedspring storage unit from IKEA.

Now here’s a trick that’s taking the world by storm, the infamous Vacuum Compressed Bags. When you’ve created a hidden storage unit, trying to cram as many items in as possible is tasking. The Vacuum Bag is simple – fill them up with your winter clothes, suck out the spare air and there you have it, a compressed flat shape bag which can gives up to three times more space. This will go perfectly in the hidden storage under your bed.

If you’re really one for surprises, then you should build your own secret storage using Denise Nyland’s step by step guide. In just two hours, you can have your winter goods stored out of sight without using up any space within your room.

Of course, when it comes to squeezing your snowboards, skis and other large winter goods into your walls, you may find it is a task not worth the hassle. So find out where your nearest Big Yellow Self Storage is at and get it stored with us! Here at Big yellow we, offer you that space to rent from as little as £5 a week.