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  • 17th September 2015
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Splitting Brits Get Spitting Mad Over Possessions

We recently conducted research that shows possessions are one of the biggest causes of arguments among divorcing couples, ahead of children and living arrangements, coming second only to money. As well as arguing for sentimental reasons and financial reasons, 13% of stubborn Brits admit to arguing over possessions just for the sake of it.
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Top ten items that cause the most arguments during a divorce:
1. Car (26%)
2. Photos (24%)
3. Keep sakes (22%)
4. Heirlooms (21%)
5. The TV (20%)
6. Laptop/computer/tablet (17%)
7. Bed (16%)
8. Sofas (16%)
9. White good e.g. washing machine, dryer (10%)
10. Records/CDs (9%)

Nearly half of Brits admit to hiding possessions during the break-up just so they could keep them, with the top items hidden being photos, keep sakes and heirlooms, while a further 11% wish they had.

The study also reveals that on average, £394 worth of possessions are disposed of in anger during separation, with 16% having thrown away items totalling over £500. 40% regretted their decision to get rid of these items after the dust had settled, but it wasn’t just the financial impact divorcees came to regret. Items of high sentimental value such as photos, keep sakes and heirlooms were among the Brits biggest throw out regrets.
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Andrew G Marshall, marital therapist, says: “The results of this survey reveal how relatively unimportant material possessions take on a more emotive role during the turmoil of a break-up, adding conflict at a very difficult time. People throw out treasured items in the heat of the moment, but can come to regret it at a later date. This conflict and regret can be reduced; self storage can provide an out of sight, out of mind, service, putting a hold on impulsive decisions and allowing you to re-visit your possessions once emotions have simmered down.”