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Spring clean your office!

Are you drowning under a mountain of paperwork, do you struggle to find things you need in a hurry, is your desk looking like the base of a bonfire?

Fear not, help is at hand with our top tips for spring cleaning your home office and organising your desk. Follow these and you could save time hunting for that missing file you were after and improve creativity at the same time!

Starting out:

First off, spend a day getting organised and de-clutter. Arm yourself with a roll of bin liners, some archive storage boxes (from as little as £3.74) and handy tidy trays. Decide what you need daily, once a week, occassionally or never (but need to keep) and put them to one side, everything else – chuck!

Be ruthless, what do you really need, old bus tickets, flyers, invitations to events that have long gone can be binned. Tidy up loose cables and take off any accessories, old chipped coffee cups etc that you don’t need.


If you have space, build some storage shelves to tidy away files and documents you need to access on a regular basis, leaving your desk space clear for working on. There are plenty of options online and Big Yellow Self Storage also has a range of easy to assemble light but durable shelving that can store all your files, books and miscellanous items starting from just £50.

If there’s other stuff you just can’t get rid of (eg receipts, old tax returns etc.) these can be safely and easily stored away at Big Yellow Self Storage in one of our lockers from as little as £7 per week

Once you’ve de-clutterd it’s on to the fun stuff! Make your home workstation somewhere fun to work and brighten it up a bit. Here’s some inspirations:

stylish frames to hang photos on the wall like this one from Habitat for £10
handy desk tidy from Muji £6.95
Owl notebooks £7.00
cat highlighters £2.50
colourful polka dot pens £4.00
bird-themed sticky notes £6.00
bird-themed ring binders £3.00
butterfly paper clips £2.00
Buro stapler £11.00
Buro hole punch £11.00

Add a quirky twist with some funky desk accessories and gadgets for when you need a break from the work for inspiration

Cordless retro phone (no unsightly cables) £89.99
Canon camera lens drinking flask £17.99
Times crossword jigsaw puzzle £24.99
Gyroscope mini helicopter £28.79

Now you’ve got a de-cluttered office, take a deep breath and enjoy your new found space.