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  • 23rd February 2012
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Start having dinner in your dining room!

Remember those dinner parties you used to have when you first bought your house? Remember the days before you ate your dinner on your knees in front of the TV? If so you may remember that space called the dining room that you once had!

As we’re moving into spring, Big Yellow Self Storage is helping you get storage fit by de-cluttering rooms in your house and bringing back some space in your life. Check out our top tips on how to re-claim the dining room:

1: First off – Remember – the table is not a shelf for stacking things on. Your dining room table had a purpose once, to provide you and your family and friends with a hub around which you can communicate and share precious memories. So to start with move everything off your table and only allow dinner related products. Be strict with this, as if you don’t it’ll soon return to the sad state of being the houses’ dumping ground.

2: Remove all additional items that have gathered round the table. Whether its kids computers, clothes horses or filing cabinets, get rid and clear some space. Re-locate these items to their natural homes (e.g. the study, the kid’s bedrooms, the garage or the laundry room. If you haven’t got space in those areas either, first off de-clutter those, or consider a small locker at Big Yellow Self Storage. They start from just £7 a week and can be seriously handy for freeing space in your home.

3: If you have a display cabinet, give it a good clear out too. There’s nothing worse than sitting at a beautiful dining table and then looking up at a stuffed cabinet full of mess. Make sure that you choose your best pieces and display them there. Remember – it’s not a junk storage place. By doing this you’ll be able to finally show off those amazing sculptures you bought on holiday or the plates that your grandparents handed down to you, bringing back some great memories as an added bonus.

4: Keeping it going: Rules, rules, rules. You need to have regular rules, especially if you have kids! Make sure that if your kids do their homework in the dining room, they always take their books upstairs when done. Husbands and wives hobbies must be cleared away every night, no excuses! Finally, don’t under any circumstances start a jigsaw on the dining room table; it’ll stay there for years! Instead start it on a roll up matt or tray that can be slid under a bed.

5: Ways to get you eating in the dining room – One big thing with dining rooms is the fact that because all the cutlery is in the kitchen, people tend to eat there. Consider splitting your cutlery in half, so half lives in the dining room. This way it’s easy as the utensils are there. It’s a small trick, but one that could get you eating back where you should!

Finally remember that once you’ve de-cluttered, take the opportunity to really clean all the surfaces that probably haven’t seen a duster for years before it becomes a temple to eating!

To get some more space in your life, move the stuff you don’t want to chuck to Big Yellow Self Storage. It’s flexible and much cheaper than you think with space starting at £7 a week.