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  • 30th January 2012
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Starting a band? Top tips for storing your gear!

The dining room may seem like the perfect place to store your bands massive kit however what to do when you actually want to have guests over and need to use this space?

Whether you’re in a rock band or classical orchestra, a solo artist or electronic DJ, everyone needs a good quality space to store your equipment that will create that next million pound selling album. Big Yellow Self Storage can offer you the space to house your instruments, your decks, your amps and your lights from as little as £7 a week. Keeping them all in one place easy to pop in the back of the van and take to your next gig or studio session.

In the mean time, take a look at some top tips to accentuate that sweet sound in your house, perfect for recording tunes, without breaking the bank.

1) Sound proof
Choose a space for your studio and sound proof it – line the walls with Acousti Lite Multi Layered Material. This will absorb sound evenly and is very cheap. Find it at for just £32.26.

2) Time for DIY
If you’re feeling creative, make your own suspended floor. A suspended floor gives you the best sound insulation. Cut some bouncy balls in half to hold up ply flooring, cover the flooring with carpet pads and carpet.

3) Cut out the reverb
If your studio is still looking dull and plain, get decorating! Fill the walls with bookshelves, pictures and anything that’ll give you inspiration as well as giving you the right sound. This breaks up annoying reverb from the flat parallel walls.

4) Acoustics
High ceilings can also be a problem. Think back to the room tents you made when you were younger, finally they are useful for something! Simply stretch hessian (or cotton of you can’t find hessian) sheeting across the room at a convenient height. This will help to catch those platinum selling records in the making.

5) Where to buy:
There are plenty of places out there to choose from. One such company is DV247 has all the equipment you need to make your music from home.

Perhaps you’re just not the music producing type, perhaps you’re past the days of endless scale practising and want to be rid of the strings and keys that made your fingers so sore. But no music is junk music, so don’t throw it away! Go to to find your nearest store.