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  • 9th November 2011
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Starting a new business? Come and see us at Earls Court!

Are you a budding Apprentice? Then you’re probably off to the Business Startup Show at Earls Court in London on the 17th/18th of November.

Of course your mind will be firmly on your big product idea and making as many contacts as possible to help get your business off the ground.

In these uncertain times though, spare a minute to think about where you’re going to store your products for your new enterprise,. Are you about to take a long lease out on a property to run your storage from? Well if you are, why not consider a flexible approach and allow your storage needs to grow with your business. Start small and you can add additional secure storage space if and when your business needs it, helping you manage your cashflow. In addition there are no additional running costs such as electricity or water bills.

We do some great deals on flexible storage spaces from as small as 10 sq foot, allowing you to expand when you’re ready with no financial penalties, PLUS you’ll be happy in the knowledge that your new products are securely stored.

To find out more, come and have a chat with us on stand 450. We hope to see you there!