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  • 1st December 2011
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Staying on Budget for Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly – fa la la la la…or is it more the season to be stressing that this month’s pay check might not quite stretch to that perfect Christmas you have been dreaming about? Well fear not, Big Yellow Self Storage are here with some great tips to help you have a merry and economical Christmas.

1. Get creative
Why not get creative this Christmas and save a few pennies by making your own cards. Recycle last year’s cards and turn them into this year’s cards. Simply cut out the decorative part of the card (you could also use wrapping paper) and attach it to plain cardboard. Use markers, glitter and whatever else you fancy to spruce it up. If you are feeling particularly arty you can try making your own festive pop-up card in the shape of an angel, reindeer or Christmas tree and decorate it however you like. It will be extra special being a one-off original Christmas card that has your own personal touch. While you’re at it, why not go the extra mile and make your own gifts as well! Get crafty and think what skills you have that can be transformed into original gifts. These could be knitting a scarf, threading a necklace or baking some treats. If craft isn’t your game why not customise something you already have, like putting a witty slogan on a t-shirt or revamping a picture frame with a picture of you in it.

2. Cheat
Everyone enjoys a glass (or two) of bucks fizz around the Christmas season but why splash out on real champagnes when the cheaper own brand labels are just as good. In fact a survey reported that these own brand bottles actually tasted better then the expensive brands as well. Why scrimp to keep up with a fancy label when more is definitely more at Christmas.

And while we’re at it, do you really need to have a Turkey? With this year’s Turkeys going up in price by up to 33% according to The Mirror maybe you could switch to a couple of large Chickens instead? With Turkeys costing around £35+ depending on size, 2 large Chickens will cost from only £10 upwards saving you around £25!

3. Discount Sites
There seems to be a trend of discount voucher sites going on, so why not get in on the action and get a reduced present or activity for someone’s Christmas gift. These sites cut-prices on a range of offers ranging from a manicure to driving around a race track. Also you get to save on wrapping paper! Try Living Social, Groupon or Key Noir for starters.

4. Be super organised
If you’re really thrifty you could get next year’s Christmas sorted just days after the last piece of tinsel has been taken down. You can get good-quality wrapping paper, decorations and cards in the post-Christmas sales when discounts reach as high as 75 per cent. It can be difficult to think about presents straight after Christmas but to ease the financial burden in December you could buy presents throughout the year. This will have the additional benefit of adding more variety to the present collection as you avoid that last minute rush to buy festively patterned socks and pyjamas. Best of all, when that merry season comes around you can be chilling out enjoying all the classic Christmas films with a glass of eggnog, while the the mad Christmas rush whirls around you, safe in the knowledge that you have already got your (discounted) Christmas organised and ready to go. To avoid anyone suspecting your efficient Christmas preparations why not store all your early Christmas purchases with Big Yellow Self Storage and your family will be none the wiser.

If you need help storing you presents, Big Yellow Self Storage offers space from as little as £7 a day.