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Student Finishing Term? Get Summer Ready With These Handy Storage Tips.

Your exams are over and another year of your schooling life has flown past like it was yesterday with the focus now firmly on the summer of fun ahead!

Thinking about all of your university furniture and belongings and what to do with them at the end of term is probably at the bottom of your list of things to do, but nonetheless it’s a reality, unless you want to come back to your room next term and find your Xbox isn’t there anymore! So why not check out our top tips on packing for the summer now so you can get the boring stuff sorted and really start to enjoy the festival season.

OK, so you need to move out of your student accommodation but you have no idea what you are going to do with your things or where you are going to put them. First off we’re going to give you some tips on how to pack your stuff up.

Here are a few tips:
• Use good quality storage boxes (sturdy cardboard and plastic boxes)
• Make sure you buy a roll of bubble wrap, as you will need it
• Protect fragile things with bubble wrap
• Fill boxes to capacity, as partially full or bulging boxes may tip or collapse
• Pack heavy items into small boxes so they’re easy to lift
• Wrap dishes and glasses in tissue paper or bubble wrap
• Wrap pictures and mirrors, then stack them on their end in boxes marked ‘fragile’
• Don’t just throw your laptop in a box, put it in a case and in your main bag so you know where it is
• Try and organise your clothes into dirty piles before you pack them so you don’t have to do it when you get home
• Wrap up any cables neatly, don’t chuck them in a box because they will all tangle up and you will regret it when you are unpacking.

Now where do you put all your Uni stuff? You could cram it all in your car or you could load it off with Mum and Dad, but then where does it go? Do you have a mate that lives nearby that you could leave your stuff with? You may well have to, but would you want friends things crammed in your house for months? Next option is taking it home but do you really want it sitting in your bedroom at home cluttering up your room? Your parents won’t let you dump it in the lounge and leaving it in front of the front door is a no-no. Time to think of a better place, time to start thinking like the youth of today; resourceful, spontaneous and fresh! Now is the best time to start thinking pro actively and sort out your stuff.

Using a storage facility is not such a daunting idea as it seems and it’s easy and pain free to arrange and can be done online. More and more people are using it to store their things that are non-business related. For example, families that go skiing once a year and have all the equipment stored in a cupboard leave it in storage out of the way until they hit up the ski season again. People that have far too many clothes and don’t have room for them at home use it as an overflow until they have a clear out of last season’s get up. With storage at Big Yellow catering for students, offering affordable deals, you can afford to keep your stuff safe with us over the holidays.

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