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  • 11th April 2012
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Summer getting closer? Store your winter sports safely.

It’s beginning to look a lot like summer. Outside the trees are green and the sun, for once, can be seen. However cupboards and spare hallways now holds a strong resemblance to an Igloo, with thermals, snow boots and Christmas goods still scattered. Yes, it’s that time to make the switch from heaters to fans, snowboards to surfboards and Long Johns to Speedos, or whatever floats your boat.

But what do you do with your winter gear? Big Yellow is here to help, so take a look at some handy ways to prevent an avalanche of winter clutter in your home.

With the exception of winter sports enthusiasts, penguins and the Ice Man, I’m sure everyone is glad to see the back of the snow and cold weather. But for those whose homes currently look like shrines dedicated to the winter games, the time has come to part ways with your skis, snowboards and sleds.

One of the main mistakes we all make before storing away our winter equipment, is not cleaning them! Check the labels on all garments for manufacturer’s instructions. Many of the fabrics used for ski wear have a waterproof finish, therefore have to be specially treated before cleaning.

Once you’re packed, you’re ready to make your next adventure to get it stored at Big Yellow. Big Yellow Self Storage offers that space to rent from as little as £5 a week, a perfect solution to rid yourself of the winter exercise memories for as long as you want. So get on down to your nearest store! Check out for more details.