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  • 16th July 2010
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The Big Yellow Armadillos Take On London To Brighton (Part.2)

As we got closer to Brighton, we noticed there were lots of families on the streets all cheering and giving out much needed energy supplies to keep everyone going! The support was fantastic, the people that lined the streets probably didn’t know it but they helped so many people throughout the day.

Everyone was dreading the final point and they all knew it would come….Ditchling Beacon! We all had heard about it but none of them really expected what was about to come. Ditchling Beacon is a brutal mile long climb to the top of the South Downs that starts at mile 47, everything else compared to this was easy. The hill was so steep that many of the riders had to get off their bikes and push them to the top simply focusing on putting one foot ahead of the other. We were amazed to see people still cycling, trying to make it to the top!

Finally there was a man shouting over the microphone “that’s it you’ve made it, you are about to reach the top of Ditchling Beacon, you are now 234 metres above sea level”. We stopped at the top for a minute to look at the views which were amazing and so beautiful. After the agony of the Beacon the last 6 miles were a joy as the sea came into view and riders flew down the hill reaching speeds of 38mph.

After a final crawl through Brighton traffic the riders made their way down to Brighton Pier and all anyone could hear were the cheers of thousands of people. Finally the Finish Line was in sight, a sprint along the seafront brought to an end to epic ride.

In total over 30,000 riders took part on the day, setting off from Clapham at different times from 6am to 10am for the worthy causes of Cancer Research and the British Heart Foundation. In total staff members have raised approximately £7628 to date for Cancer Research and Big Yellow Self Storage will be matching this figure to boost donations.

A massive thank you goes to Paul Holmes for all his hard work in organising the team! We all had a fantastic time!