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The Separated Child Foundation at Staples Corner

At Big Yellow, we offer free storage space for a range of charities. One of the charities we support at our Staples Corner store is The Separated Child Foundation, who use our space to store the goods and to assemble Arrival Packs.

The charity provides the most basic life necessities to separated children and young people who arrive in Britain. It is usually the case that they arrive after a difficult, demanding and often dangerous journeys. The Separated Child Foundation supplies duffle bags filled with toiletries, a towel, socks, underwear, clothing, an umbrella, non-perishable snacks and other essentials. Gloves, a hat and a scarf are also included in winter for the most vulnerable children.

On Sunday 1st March, an event hosted at our Staples Corner store saw volunteers reach a new milestone; completing the 5000th arrival pack to go to unaccompanied children. They were joined at the Separated Child Purple Packathon by Mike Freer MP, vice-chairman of the Conservative Party and a number of separated children. The event was to share the charities successes over the past year with all the various volunteers, organizations and ourselves.

Angela Gluck from the Separated Child Foundation said “This is an important moment as demand for Arrival Packs from vulnerable young people is increasing. The Big Yellow Self Storage at Staples Corner has been incredibly supportive over the past few years and made it possible to increase the number of Arrival Packs we can deliver”.