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  • 26th November 2010
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The Voice Of Arbourthorne Project

Recently our Sheffield Bramall Lane store had the opportunity to supply The Sheffield School of Architecture and Arbourthorne Community Primary School with cardboard boxes to use as construction material. The Sheffield School of Architecture has a unique formula whereby it sends its students out into the real world to work with real clients and briefs as part of their course.

For this particular project the client was Arbourthorne Community Primary School, which has the aim of encouraging positive behaviour in education, as well as wider society in general. They would be working together to create a structure that represents the culture of positive behaviour.

Many of the children from Arbourthorne Community Primary School act as mediators in their break-times to help take the load off their teachers. A workshop was arranged for the kids to help design a structure that could be used as area of mediation to be transported through their local community and the city centre as a beacon of positivity.

A full-scale prototype has been manufactured from the shelter that the children designed and has been displayed in Sheffield city centre. The whole journey from the workshops to the construction process has been documented and a short film has been produced with the purpose being of celebrating the children as positive role models for the local community and wider city.

At Big Yellow Self Storage we have been enthusiastic supporters of the project and you can see the finished cardboard shelters below.