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  • 13th April 2012
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Tidying up your laundry

Do you feel like your washing basket is never empty? Do you feel like you’re always in the laundry? We have some top tips on getting your laundry super organised to make washing that little bit easier.
Get the household into a routine. Make sure the whole family sorts their own washing into darks, lights and empty their pockets. This way it’s easy to chuck straight into the machine. Decide which days you are going to wash darks, lights, towels and sheets and get the family to bring their dirty washing down on these allotted days.

Storage in the laundry is important. Don’t let the ironing pile up high so that it takes up the middle of the room. Take a look at storage solution ideas from shops such as Ikea. Take a look at your space and look at options such pull out washing baskets that tuck under a cupboard or bench.

Ensure you have adequate shelving; this can be free standing shelves or cupboard space. Even if your space is limited look at putting shelves or cabinets above the washer and dryer to keep your supplies such as laundry powder handy.

Look at getting traditional airer. This way you can hang shirts straight out of the washing machine, which will also reduce your ironing. Just make sure it is well put together and sturdy.
If you have a large space you could leave your ironing board standing. Otherwise there are some great storage options. Take a look at using hooks and hanging it on the back of the door.

Take a look at what products are currently in your laundry. Think of the layout as a production process, where should everything be stored to ensure it is efficient as possible. Pick up clear boxes and labels from variety stores. Fill the boxes with grouped goods and label and place in the cupboard in order of importance, for example shoe polish and rags together. If you’re finding your laundry is becoming a home for goods it shouldn’t consider placing these items in a storage facility such as Big Yellow.