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  • 2nd September 2011
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Tips and Tricks: Laying out a room

Working out how to set up a room can be something of a challenge, but it can also be a lot of fun. So, Big Yellow Storage have put together yet another array of our Tips and Tricks to see you through and let you enjoy the experience…
1. The first thing you’ll need is some graph paper, pencils and a measuring tape. Measure out the parameters of the room and draw them up to scale. Then photocopy the drawing (or just copy it out again) and draw in your furniture (also to scale). Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy, you can always scrap inefficient ideas at this point.
2. Another good tip is to remember that, while a floor plan is very important, an elevation plan is just as critical. An elevation plan deals with the different heights of objects. Some computer programs give you the option of making a 3D plan of your room, which is probably the most effective method.
3. Once you’ve organised how your room is going to be set out, try out a few of your plans. Getting all your furniture out of the room can help make this easier and it’s also a great excuse for cleaning in places you can’t normally get to.
4. If you’re setting out a living room then try to have the chairs or sofas clustered together and facing each other rather than, say, the tv. This will make the area more homey.
5. Look at traffic flow when planning out the room. This means thinking carefully about how people are going to move around the room, where the most used areas are and planning the furniture accordingly. (For example don’t put a telly behind a high traffic area as people will constantly walk in front of it).
6. Finally, lighting. The best rooms are those that have a combination of natural and artificial lighting. Set up desks and standing lights where people are likely to gather in the evenings. Remember to think about how the light will change over the course of the day so it’s not shining in your eyes when you’re eating dinner or watching a film.
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