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Tips and Tricks: Looking after works of art

Do you have special pieces of artwork at home that you’re terrified to touch in case you damage them? If so, then this list is for you! We’ve put together some of our most useful Tips and Tricks to help keep those pieces future proofed and we really hope they help.

1. Always be very careful when cleaning a painting. The best option is to go to a professional, especially if the painting is old or valuable.
2. Keep sculptures indoors unless you’re sure they’ve been treated to be resistant to adverse weather and UV rays. (Granite and cement sculptures are, however, fine outdoors. As are bronze pieces if they’re waxed at least once a year).
3. When moving a painting around your house, plan out your route before hand and check for protruding objects that might damage the artwork or get in your way. Just putting the painting down on a hard floor may chip the frame, so always make sure that you have arranged some soft sheets or cushions on the ground to rest the frame on if it gets too heavy.
4. Try not to hang paintings in direct sunlight, over a fireplace or radiator, in areas that are damp or prone to lots of condensation, or in proximity to an air conditioning duct.
5. Store it standing upright, not lying flat, as it’s easier to accidentally put something on top of it and cause damage.
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