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  • 20th October 2011
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Tips and Tricks: Preparing a property for renting

If you live in an area that plays host to exciting annual events (Like the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh) renting out your home for the duration of the event can be a great way to avoid the crowds and make some extra money. Or maybe you rent long term? Either way we hope any potential or seasoned renters will find our these Tip and Tricks useful:

1. Before showing perspective tenants around make sure to do some really thorough spring cleaning. It’s amazing the difference that cleaning the carpets and windows can make.

2. Be prepared! When renting you’re still responsible for the internal upkeep of the house. That means anything structural, electrical or plumbing related. Make sure you have experts in all those areas ready to go (If you’re renting during holidays be extra careful to check if they’re availble).

3. You might want to look into a bit of basic refurbishment if you’re planning a long term rental, but remember installing a whole new kitchen or bathroom probably won’t raise the value of the property enough to pay for itself.

4. Another tip for showing people round is to go outisde and take a good look at the front of your house or apartment building. Do what you can to make the street entrance really inviting: a good first impression gives you a real advantage in the rental market.

5. If you’re looking into long term renting, you’ll want to depersonalise your house a bit. Maybe change the kids’ wallpaper to something a bit more neutral? Clearing superfluous furniture is a good idea for short or long term. Self storage is a useful option for storage while you’re away and Big Yellow Storage has no set time frames for storage. You can store by the week, month, year: ideal for renting. (Visit our website to find out how you can get 50% off for the first eight weeks)

Good luck!