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  • 6th December 2011
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Top Tips: having a green Christmas

We produce more rubbish at Christmas than during any other time of the year! So amongst all the mince pies and cracker jokes, why not spare a thought for what all this festive fun might be doing to our environment. Big Yellow Self Storage have some tips to help you have an eco-friendly Christmas this year to help ease that post-Christmas guilt.

Use a real Christmas tree
While an artificial tree may be more convenient to pull out every year they are not the greener choice. They’re made from plastic which is not recyclable or from a renewable source. Real trees not only look and smell more authentic they also help to remove carbon from the atmosphere while they are growing. So supporting the business of Christmas tree farms is important to the environment!

After your tree has been fully enjoyed over the festive period and starts to brown it’s important to recycle it properly. Your first option is to locate Christmas tree recycling centers near you. These centres are usually sponsored by the local government, which means that they won’t charge you for recycling your holiday tree. If you were feeling super green you can even try to replant the tree in your yard if you want to keep its memory alive. All you have to do is research the appropriate procedure for replanting or consult nearby agricultural stores for help.

Limit food waste
Everyone seems to overbuy food at Christmas just to make sure we are as stuffed as the Turkey! So guaranteed there will be plenty left over food to deal with. Using these Christmas leftovers can be more inventive than a plate of turkey sandwiches. The Love Food Hate Waste campaign has leftover recipes and meal suggestions to help you make meals for Boxing Day and beyond, such as their Christmas Pudding Strudel. Also, make sure you put all your vegetable peelings into a compost bin. Then this can be used on your garden to help the spring planets grow!

Eco-friendly gifts
Make the gift of giving even more special by helping out the environment too! You could sponsor an animal or give a membership to a charity or environmental organisation for Christmas. Check out Oxfam Wrapped for loads of ideas. What’s more, there are an increasing number of ethical goods coming into the market so why not get involved with giving an eco-friendly gift. There is a great range at Nigel’s Eco Store.
For all those unwanted gifts received, why not donate them to charity or locals hospitals for the patients to enjoy.

Go natural
Why not let Mother Nature decorate your home this year for an original, natural and biodegradable look. You can spice up your house with anything you like; seasonal berries, Ivy and evergreen branches look great, and get that festive smell with some cloves in oranges. This will save money from buying various artificial decorations and you can put it all in the composter when Christmas is over. If you feel like getting creative there are some great ways at All Free Craft to make your own decorations out of random household items. Check out the recycled light bulbs!

Big Yellow Self Storage continues to try and be the most environmentally sound Self Storage Company in the UK. We’ve recently come in the top 4% of companies in the Carbon Reduction Commitment Performance league table! Have a “Happy Green Christmas” everyone!