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  • 9th November 2011
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Top Tips: Preparing a Room for a new arrival!

Congratulations! You are about to become a new parent! This is a very exciting time when emotions are running wild and you’ll want to prepare your home for the arrival of your baby. This process is something that every parent goes through, so don’t panic!

For expecting mothers it can present itself as an uncontrollable feeling known as ‘nesting’. An instinct which has seen pregnant women repeatedly iron bedding, continually refold baby clothes and clean every corner of the house. If you‘re unsure where to start, check out Big Yellow’s top tips for help preparing your baby’s room…

1. Decide where your baby will sleep. It is quite likely that for the first few weeks, your newborn will sleep in a cot by the side of your bed so you should ensure your bedroom is organised and clean. This is a great opportunity for you to spring (autumn!)clean your bedroom. Organise the clothes in your wardrobe and sort out any clutter lying around. By doing this before the birth of your baby, it will enable you to feel more in control and stress free knowing that your baby’s living environment is clean and tidy.

2. The Baby Room. If you have a spare room in your home which you are now turning into a nursery, you may need to move around current furniture to make room for new baby furniture. If this sounds like you, why not rent a storage room at Big Yellow Self Storage for your current belongings? It’s a perfect way to de-clutter and may come in handy as your child grows!

3. Decorating your baby’s room. In the final few weeks of pregnancy, you’ll probably be thinking of decorating your child’s room. Watch out for oil based paints, according to Parenting Weelky, these can contain mercury, a dangerous substance for pregnant women to be around. Also check out babycentre’s expert advice to see which paint is safe to be around for pregnant women.

4. Baby furniture. Once you have decorated the nursery, it’s time to assemble that baby furniture! Remember, newborns don’t need a lot of stuff; a cot, a baby changing area and a wardrobe should be enough. Think about yourself when you’re buying furniture for your baby’s room. It is inevitable that parents will spend a lot of time in here, whether it is to comfort the little one or to read them a bedtime story. A rocking chair or single seated couch would be a good idea to make sure you’re comforted to!

5. Baby accessories. There are so many accessories for babies’ nowadays; it’s hard to choose which ones are right! According to Fisher Price, babies learning starts with their senses, so pick key accessories for your baby’s room to help them develop their senses such as projection mobiles. This will help develop their brain right from the start.

Have you got a little one on the way? Then why not think about making space for your new arrival. If you want to temporarily get rid of some furniture, time why not try putting it in a Storage Room from Big Yellow Self Storage? From only £7 a day to rent, you could be giving yourself a lot of extra space for the newborn in your life!