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Top Tips: Recycling your old appliances & electronics

What do you do when you’ve got to get rid of your white goods when they need changing? Get the council round to take them away? Take them to a landfill site? Are old mobile phones cluttering up your drawers? It’s always a bit of a headache to get rid of electronics or potentially environmentally damaging appliances. So why not give them a second chance at life by reading Big Yellow Storage’s top tips and tricks for recycling unwanted appliances:

1. Freecycle. is a website that allows people to give their unwanted appliances, electronics and furniture to others within their surrounding community. When you have something you want to get rid of why not post it up on, it is a free service so you won’t get money for your old fridge, but you will receive a clear conscience knowing you’ve done your little bit for the environment and your old appliance has gone to a new home.

2. Donate to an organisation. We’re always looking for ways to help those less fortunate then ourselves, so why not consider donating your unwanted appliances or electronics to a charity such as The British Heart Foundation or Oxfam. This way you are lending a helping hand to a worthwhile cause and getting rid of your unwanted item in an environmentally friendly way. Everyone wins.

3. Have a delivery service take it away. Companies such as Argos, Tesco and Currys offer to take away your old appliance when delivering your new one and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. Some organisations offer this as a complimentary service but others charge a small fee. If your reason for not recycling comes from having too busy a schedule then this could be the perfect option for you!

4. Use a recycling specialist company. There are certain companies that have dedicated themselves to recycling certain appliances. Envirofone, Mazuma and Mopay are services that offer cash for old, unwanted mobile phones. In the same vein, The Furniture Reuse Network lists the addresses of re-use charities in your local area. Donate a PC assigns computer hardware to charities and educational establishments in need of parts. And finally The Royal Mail has a scheme entitled Simply Drop in which they offer money in exchange for your old MP3s, mobile phones and digital cameras. All that remains is which one to pick.

5. Selling items on eBay. What better way to recycle your old appliance and make some extra money than to advertise your product on a site such as eBay. While waiting for responses your appliances can be placed in self storage outlets to avoid cluttering up your home. Visit us at to find out more about our self storage services.

Re-cycle your old appliance

Re-cycle your old appliance

Image courtesy of Rich Anderson