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  • 5th February 2016
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Transform your small outdoor spaces

Small spaces, indoors or outdoors, can be difficult to know what to do with. Here at Big Yellow Self Storage, we’d like to help inspire you to think of all the ways you can make the most out of them. If you have a small balcony or garden, check out our tips below on how to spruce them up and make them great.

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Merging inside with outside

If your living room or kitchen looks out onto the garden, installing full-length bi-folding doors will create a seamless transition. Another clever trick is to use similar coloured flooring both inside and outside to add to this continuous effect; the merging colours create the illusion of space.

Water features

Water features can help create a sense of space in small areas because they reflect light. Running water, such as a fountain, can also be useful for urban homes as it can muffle the sounds of the outside world and help create a tranquil vibe when you’re relaxing outside.

Light up your life

The easiest way to create mood in a small garden or balcony is with lighting, such as tea lights or hurricane lanterns. There’s also a big variety of solar lights on offer these days, which are a great way to add a touch of magic to a summer’s evening.

The soft stuff

Add soft furnishings, such as bright cushions or colourful rugs, to your outdoor space. This will make it look more inviting and you’ll be more inclined to show it off to your friends. Crates can make great seating, as well as being easy to move around. When the unpredictable rain starts to fall, you can grab everything, put it in a crate and move it inside. During the winter months, you can keep your crates of outdoor soft stuff at Big Yellow Self Storage to avoid them taking up space in your home.

Add a touch of green

Even the smallest of balconies can be transformed into an oasis of green. Tall pot plants are perfect when you need it to take up minimal space, or you could even grow your own herbs. If your balcony has railings, try entwining a vine plant about them to add something really special.

Photo credits: House and Home