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Unusual homes around the country

At Big Yellow, when we see space, we see potential; whether it’s how to create space around your home, coming up with ingenious ways to store belongings, or doing something amazing with the space you have.

Check out these unusual homes around the UK to see how people have been really creative.

The Lime Works, Faversham
This contemporary home is a Grade II listed building, and has been converted from two water towers. The architect has taken something that is usually an eyesore, and created something beautiful. The space has been fully utilised; it’s a six-bedroom home, with features including a gym, library and swimming pool, as well as two roof terraces.

Water Towers
The Pineapple, Dunmore
So it’s not only SpongeBob SquarePants who lives in a pineapple – you could too. This elaborate summerhouse was built for the 4th Earl of Dunmore, and is available to rent from the Landmarks Trust. Why a pineapple? Well, in the 1700s, sailors would put a pineapple on the gatepost to announce their return home. When Lord Dunmore was bought back from serving as Government of Virginia, he decided to announce his return more prominently. And so, the pineapple was born.

Lighthouse, Dunoon, Argyll
Advances in satellite marine navigation have reduced the need for lighthouses. As a result, more and more lighthouses have appeared on the market for people to snap up and renovate. This pretty lighthouse cottage has three bedrooms, a sun room and obviously some beautiful views. The owners have a key to the lighthouse tower, so they can enjoy the unique feature whenever they please.

Romany caravan, Cornwall
One of the simplest forms of living – a caravan. This traditional Romany caravan takes up no space at all in the bottom of a garden, yet offers a great amount of character. It is available to rent on Airbnb, and comes with a decked our shepherd’s hut so you have space to chill out and take in the surrounding views.

Romany Caravan
Malator, Druidstone, Pembrokeshire
With the rising awareness of global warming, eco homes are becoming much more popular, and creative designs are popping up all over the UK. Malator has been dubbed the ‘blueprint for the future of Welsh housing’. Built in 1998, the home uses space simply yet effectively. Essentially it is one room inside, divided with fabricated coloured pods, while the outside blends in with the surrounding landscape.

Eco House