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  • 29th February 2012
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Want to be a DJ?

Call yourself a DJ? With Big Yellow’s help you could be as we help you transform yourself into the next Tiesto. All you need is the right equipment, the right space and your DJ name.
Don’t leave your spare room to boxes and clutter, re-claim it as the hub of your masterful, music creations.

The best quality DJ gear doesn’t come cheap, but there are some ways you can at least create the perfect DJ booth for a figure that won’t break the bank. We’ve compiled some of the top items to help kick start your home, music-producing scene.

1. De-clutter your spare room and clear it completely to make room for your new studio! If you haven’t got enough space to store your old stuff and you’re not ready to chuck it out just yet, Big Yellow can help out with affordable lockers available from as little as £7 a week.

2. Next with your empty space, you’ll need a worktop to place your decks and other equipment. With Ikea you can purchase a desk for just £69.99. With this you can also store your vinyl for easy, quick-change access all in the same, organized space! Also try going on eBay; there are loads of second hand desks that start from just a few quid.

3. And now for some stylish DIY. For additional space it may be worth adding a layer to your console desk. Attaching a normal shelf to this Lerberg DVD/CD rack from Ikea, will not only provide the perfect space to shelve your laptop and speakers, but so you can really look the part, add some LED lights beneath the shelf to get a slick, electronic glow. Dioder LED lights can be found at Ikea for £39.99.

4. Sometimes it’s the little things that help distinguish the best from the average. To prevent yourself being tangled in a frenzied attack by your headphones, you will need a suitable place to store them. For just £6.49, attach a coat hanger to the side of your desk and there you have it, a handy prop to hang your headphones.

5. With DJ gear, comes many a cable. Don’t spoil the aesthetics with a web of cables strewn around your ankles. At Amazon you can get some great cable tidies for £4.99.

6. And now for the most important item, speakers. There is nothing worse than bad quality sound, ruining the masterpiece you have just created. To experience high quality beats, you’ll need to purchase the best. Hercules XPS 2.0 80 DJ Monitor speakers are fitted with silk-dome tweeters for sharp and pure treble, and 4-inch woofers with Kevlar diaphragms for well-balanced, precise sound. At Conrad UK you can purchase a set for £149.99.

7. Your DJ booth is useless if you don’t have the software to make your music. Traktor DJ Studio boasts an array of tools which surpass traditional DJ equipment. This versatile application gives you everything you need for studio mixing and remixing, complete with automatic beat synchronization, one-touch looping and a fantastic intuitive interface. It can be downloaded at Native Instruments. Serato and Ableton are also both perfectly adequate and when used properly, can deliver the best of sounds.

If you simply cannot find the space for your dream DJ booth, then get organized and start storing your gear at Big Yellow Self Storage. Big Yellow can offer you the space to house all your items that are too priceless to replace, for as little as £7 a week.