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  • 22nd November 2011
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Ways to keep fit in winter

After summer ups the ante each year to keep fit, winter feels compelled to tag along, to ensure the turkey, stuffing and roast potatoes don’t get the better of us. The clocks have gone back, the dark mornings and the cold evenings mock us and all we want to do is curl up in our slipper socks and hibernate for the winter. But let’s not let mother-nature cocoon us into a couch potato cuddle. Have a look at some of Big Yellow’s top tips to enjoy a fitness filled winter:

Winter Olympics
Always wanted to venture to the slopes? Take advantage of this weather and learn a new skill. Snowboarding and skiing will work your body hard whilst being an exhilarating activity for you and your family. If you seek a more mesmeric, elegant workout, then get your skates on and try ice skating. You can achieve a superior cardiovascular workout, lose weight, tone those legs, bums, and tums, and according to Skating Fitness, you can even increase your self-confidence and overall mental control, thus improving your mental fitness. After all, “If dancing is how the angels walk, then skating is how the angels dance.”

Get outside but stay warm!
With the right trainers and the right clothing, you can brave the sub-zero temperatures and continue running outdoors. Running through the cold weather provides a great cardiovascular workout, whilst strengthening and toning your muscles. But keeping warm is essential! Dress in Layers; a thin layer of synthetic material as a base layer would be ideal. A Gore-Tex or breathable nylon jacket will help protect you against the wind and precipitation. Most importantly, protect your head, hands and feet. As much as 30% of your body heat escapes through your hands and feet, while about 40% is lost through your head. Any specialist running shop will sell lightweight wooly hats, gloves, thick socks and snoods, to keep the heat circulating around your body.

Indoor workouts
If you simply cannot bare the blizzards, then start your exercise routine indoors. Create your own home gym, with dumbbells, treadmills, exercise balls and fitness mats. You can find everything you need here at Gym World. You’ll without doubt be in better shape for the return of swimsuit season, when you can clear out the winter gear and make space for buckets and spades. Big Yellow Self Storage offers that space to rent. A perfect solution to rid yourself of the winter trauma for as long as you want.

Oh the weather outside was frightful, but the fire was so delightful, and since we’ve no place for our skis, skates and all-in-one extreme winter running suits, let it store, let it store, let it store!
So rather than using your skis for a herb shelf and your skates to carve Sunday roast, get it stored! Big Yellow Self Storage can offer you the space to house your winter gear for as little as £7 a week