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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Increase Space in your Home

Regardless of whether you live in a mansion or your parent’s box room, there just never seems to be enough space! However, the answer need not be as drastic as moving to a bigger house. We’ve compiled a list of simple solutions that can increase the space in your home and give it that fresh feel.
First things first…

Move nonessential items out.
We all have things that we use a few times a year then leave in a corner for the rest of it. Whether it’s those woolly jumpers for winter or the paddling pool we can rarely enjoy in the British “heat”, not all items need to be within immediate reach at all times. Attics, garages and garden sheds; all of which are still close enough just in case the sun comes out, are great home storage solutions.

Buy multifunctional items.
There’s heaps of choice on the market for products with more than one function. Do you have too many DVDs and magazines in the living room or maybe too many cushions? Why not buy a footrest which doubles up as storage? Many furniture retailers now offer these handy additions in their ranges; see Harveys’ Paloma range for some stylish inspiration.

Talking of “two become one items” why not fold away your home office clutter?
For those of you who don’t have the luxury of a separate office, ‘fold away’ offices are ideal. Keeping all your work in one fold away place not only allows you to escape from the constant reminder of having that email to get back to, but it also allows you to relocate your office as and when space is needed.

Stack onwards and upwards.
The less floor space a room has, the smaller it feels. Go with your natural instinct and pile it high. Not only can you get a number of brilliant storage units that make the most of ceiling space, but even simple storage boxes can now be part of the decor thanks to the huge amount of choice on offer. Think woven baskets for a traditional feel or cool blue plastic to compliment a modern interior.

Don’t just change your room, change your habits.
Regular clearouts may seem like the boring option but the less stuff there is to store, the more space there’ll be! You’d be surprised by what can be achieved just by going around the house once a month removing clutter.

Remember, not everything is destined for the bin. Donate anything that is in good condition to your local charity shop and help others as you clean. On the other hand, you could consider storing your extra items at Big Yellow with storage space starting from just £5 a week.