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Back to school- Tips for getting organised

Now the kids are back at school, you’ve probably noticed piles of work books stacking up almost as high as your pile of ironing. Let’s not mention the random pieces of stationery you’re finding down the back of the sofa or in the goldfish bowl.

School mornings can easily resemble a crime scene from a movie. Wailing children, flying books, barking dogs, clothes being thrown everywhere round the house and finally you running around like a headless chicken trying restore some order. The morning school routine should never be a good cop, bad cop situation.

Here at Big Yellow we’ve put together a list of tips to help get you prepared for “school day mania” as we like to call it. Hopefully these tips will help you maintain a smooth, stress-free, successful school year!

1. Get into a routine
We can all forget what routine is like, even over the course of one weekend so consider what six weeks off could do to your routine. It’s a good idea to get back into a solid routine one to two weeks before the school year starts. This way your child has enough time to adjust to it and the additional change he or she faces in a new year group and possibly a new class will seem less daunting.

2. Record your routine
Make your life easier by writing down the weekly activities for all the family. Colour code it and make it fun with stickers so your son or daughter feels involved. These tools can inspire a great rewards system too. Reward your child for completing homework, eating all their dinner, helping with chores and record this too! Seeing their own progress will encourage your child’s development and give them some responsibility for their own routine.

3. Don’t tackle everything on the day
You may not realise just how much there is to sort before your son or daughter heads off to school in the morning. Stationery, packed lunches, clean shoes, ironed shirts… the list goes on. The best thing you can do to prevent chaos is to make sure your children prepare for school the night before. Things like packing their rucksack and making sure they have all their pens at the ready are small tasks which will save a considerable amount of time.

4. Don’t forget the school supplies
Don’t let your child go off to school without notebooks, pens, lunchboxes, folders and diaries. School supplies these days are worth a little fortune and if you don’t want to break the bank, make sure you look out for deals and promotions. Check out School Stationery ( for great prices on stationery items. We recommend making a checklist in advance to save you added stress.

5. Feed for the future
Schools may not have the healthiest meal options for our kids but we can’t control what our child chooses to eat when he or she isn’t under our nose. What we can control however, is what they eat at home. Start your child’s day with a hearty and healthy breakfast – brain food, if you will. Always make a shopping list and be sure to incorporate fruits, fibre and high energy foods in your child’s diet to ensure that his/her energy levels don’t drop throughout the day. Fortunately for us, most brands show dietary and nutritional information on the front of the box rather than hiding it on the back.

Encouraging these habits from an early age will embed these behaviours for later on in life. Remember to keep things light hearted and fun and keep your children entertained and excited for school. Start the day as you mean to go on.

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