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Best box packing practice

At Big Yellow Self Storage we’re masters at dealing with boxes and indeed sell them! We not only take care of the outside of your boxes we can also offer helpful hints at how to pack the inside of your boxes. We’ve seen all sorts of box packing faux pas in our time so we’ve compiled one of our handy lists to stop you from making them. So read on and you’ll be a pro packer in no time.

1. Plan before you begin. Of course we know you want to get started as soon you can (mainly so you can finish as soon as you can!). If you plan it means you’ll know what items are in what box which also makes unpacking a lot easier. It means you can manage the weight of the boxes by balancing the amount of heavy and lighter items in each box.

2. Don’t cram. Cramming your items into one box can lead to many problems, not only does it make the box very heavy, it also leaves your items in danger of breaking or becoming misshapen and no one wants a broken teapot on their hands. The issue of cramming can also be avoided by creating a plan, as mentioned above.

3. Protect fragile/valuable items. We know this one probably goes without saying but it’s not uncommon for items to get broken in transit. So if you’re particularly fond of your china, don’t take the risk, wrap it to within an inch of its life. Bubble wrap is always a good investment for those wanting to keep their glassware intact but wrapping items in large bundles of packing paper or newspaper can often be just as effective, just don’t scrimp with the quantity of sheets used…after all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

4. Seal your boxes properly. We’ve all seen the comedy sketch, someone picks up a box full of fragile items and the bottom falls out! So don’t let your box packing become a joke; make sure you seal the tops and bottoms of your boxes carefully and securely. It’s best to use official packing tape as this is the most secure, masking tape won’t be strong enough.

5. Leave a gap between the contents and the box lid. Unless you have just one box of belongings, your boxes are likely to be stacked one on top of the other therefore it is a good idea if you leave about 3cms between the lid of the box and your belongings. Cover this area with a protective layering of packing paper or newspaper; this is also a good place to add small, non breakable items or hard trays etc just to add further protection to your more precious items and additionally to maximise the space.

Can’t move for boxes? Well we’ve got enough room to swing a cat…so why not offload your boxes on us? Visit the Big Yellow Self Storage website to locate your nearest one.