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Best places to hide your Christmas presents

Children are curious creatures at the best of times, however around Christmas they get even more inquisitive – especially when they’re trying to find their Christmas presents. With this in mind, good hiding places are key. Big or small, here’s some genius tips on the best hiding places for pressies.

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Plain sight

It’s unlikely that a box in the corner of the kitchen is going to be of interest to kids, especially if it’s covered in something like crumpled newspaper and pretending to be recycling. This is the ultimate place for smaller gifts such as stocking fillers.

Empty suitcases

Unused suitcases are already an empty space just waiting to be filled. As it’s an item that usually stays in the same spot all year round, children will be totally unsuspecting of it when it’s put back in its place filled with all the Christmas goodies.

Boot of a car

Keeping presents inside a gym bag, or even a supermarket freezer bag in the boot of the car will deter your children’s suspicion. The presents will also be in your care almost every day and out of the house, away from tempted eyes.

The ultimate disguise

It’s fun to be imaginative with the big ones. Can you disguise it as something else? For example, if you have bought your children or partner a pool table, put a bit of wood on the top and cover it with a table cloth – no one will ever know they’re not eating off the dining room table.

Under the tree

Wrap the gifts, but label them wrong. If you address it to your boss or to granny, then the kids are most likely to leave it alone. You can switch them over to the correct tags on Christmas Eve.
Christmas Tree with Wood Doors

Self Storage

If there’s something that you’re really struggling to hide and it can’t fit subtly around the house, then Big Yellow offers the perfect solution. We offer short term storage for little and big spaces; the ideal hiding place in the lead up to Christmas.