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Clear your time to clean your home

We don’t have time for it and (most of us) don’t enjoy it, but cleaning is a job that just won’t go away. Despite our best efforts to ignore them, chores will build until eventually your list of things to do tomorrow will be flowing across three pages. Here at Big Yellow we would much rather spend our days relaxing and enjoying what is left of the summer. Here are a few simple changes to your routine which will leave your house cleaner and your days freer.

1) Plan cleaning into your daily routine. Whether it is a quick wipe down before you head to work, or sorting out the washing while you wait for dinner to cook, completing little jobs every day won’t feel as time consuming as sacrificing whole day at the weekend. There’s no need for a strict regime. Make a list of everything you need to do and see what jobs can be achieved in the time you have that day.

2) Don’t let the little jobs pile up. The longer you put things off the less you’ll want to get them started. If something is spilt wipe it straight away, if you notice something out of place just move it. To put it simply, clean as you go about your daily life and you’ll start to notice you have more free time.

3) Get everyone involved. Whether you live with your family or a group of messy flatmates, everyone should contribute in some way. There are two ways to make sure the whole team is pulling their weight:

• Designate rooms for each person to look after or…
• Designate individual jobs

As official as it may seem, the easiest way to do this is often by following a rota or wall chart. This makes clear who is responsible for what (meaning there is no arguing your way out of jobs) and serves as a gentle reminder of what you have to do.

4) Multitask. It’s amazing how much time you can save by doing two things at once. We’re not talking elaborate juggling acts, just partnering enjoyable tasks with cleaning to create jobs any man will feel comfortable doing. To inspire this multitasking we suggest ironing whilst watching the TV or wiping the kitchen surfaces while you’re on the phone. If a good show is on or you are captivated by conversation you might even forget you are cleaning!

5) Break things down to manageable chunks. Tackling a whole room can seem like a daunting task but breaking it down to dusting one day, hoovering the next day and so on, makes it feel far more manageable. This is not however an excuse to leave things half done. Afterall, the more effort you put in to cleaning, the less likely you are to have to do it again tomorrow.

6) Treat yourself! Everything seems easier if there’s a reward waiting for you at the end (even cleaning). Whether it is an indulgent snack or a nice hot bath, giving yourself a pat on the back for your hard work will make it all worthwhile!

So put those gloves on and get cleaning! If you need some extra space to enjoy the cleanliness you’ve created how about storing some of your clutter? Storage at Big Yellow starts from just £5.