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Create a games room in your home

In a recent survey by Sony, nearly a third of adults in the UK would consider paying more for a house or flat with a games room, and it could add an additional 3.2% on the value of the property.

Even if you’re not looking to sell any time soon, a games room is a great addition to any house, whether it be for entertaining the kids, entertaining your guests, or even just for your own amusement.

Here’s some inspiration on how to create a games room in your home:

For starters, pick a room that is relaxing and away from the busy parts of the house (like the kitchen or living room). It could be a spare bedroom that is not used very often, or a converted basement or loft. You can create the space for a games room by moving all the stuff from your attic, shed or garage into Big Yellow Self Storage.

The best thing to do is clear everything out of the room and start afresh. If you’re going to do it, you may as well do it properly. While you begin the makeover, you can use Big Yellow Self Storage to temporarily store the items that you may need later down the line. Give the walls a lick of paint to brighten it up, and think about how you want to structure the room.

The fun part is deciding what games you want. Do you want a pool table – the ultimate guest entertainer? A games console system, which can be enjoyed alone, or in a group playing games such as Singstar or Guitar Hero? Or maybe you want to go retro, with a pinball machine and a jukebox. If you’re entertaining guests regularly, it’s great to have a big variety to suit everyone’s moods.

Once decided on the above, you can furnish the room accordingly. If you’re installing a games console, a plush, comfy sofa is a must. If the pool table is the main attraction, then perhaps you can install some proper pool table lighting above it. If you’re going for the retro theme, then you can pick up some great neon lights to help you achieve the fun mood.

Here’s a top tip: don’t go for the biggest TV in the shop – the size should be relevant to the size of the room. A huge TV in a small room will irritate your eyes, so go for something sensible.

Most of all, have fun with it – invest in some framed posters of your favourite films or games characters and hang them up, and think about the variation of seating you could provide, whether it be bar stools, bean bags or even big, leather arm chairs.

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