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De-clutter your home for spring

The winter weeks have now slowly passed us by, and it’s time to think about the start of spring.

What better way to prepare than to think about de-cluttering your home space now.

It’s amazing how much extra space you could make by storing the items you don’t use all year round, such as roof top boxes, Christmas decorations, and winter sports equipment. Extra space like spare rooms, under the stairs, and attics are often used for storage, but if you transfer the bulky furniture and seasonal equipment into Big Yellow, they can be transformed into something much more useful.

So, what could you do with your new found space? Here’s some motivation to get you de-cluttering….

You may find that once you’ve de-cluttered a room, it will feel bigger and you’ll have more space to use for entertaining. Reward yourself with some new champagne glasses, or a new set of crockery and utilise your space to have some fun.

Work out
Perhaps you’ll be able to clear enough space to make your own home gym, and think about getting fit in time for summer. Gyms don’t have to take up a lot of space or be expensive – a skipping rope, a few free weights of different sizes and a yoga mat is all you need to get yourself feeling strong and healthy.
Gym at home

Work at home
Working at home can be difficult if you don’t have the right space to focus in. De-cluttering may offer you the opportunity to do just this. It doesn’t have to be a full room; just a corner of the room with a desk, a nice chair, a computer and a few pictures can create the perfect haven to get your work done.

If you’re thinking about a big move this year, de-cluttering can also add value to your home – 95% of agents we surveyed say de-cluttering leads to homes selling for more.

Check out our storage options on our website, and see just how easy it is to store with us. Once you start de-cluttering and seeing the benefits and the way it can help clear not just space but also your head, you’ll never want to clutter again.