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De-clutter your home to bump up the sale price say estate agents

The UK is in the grip of a housing squeeze with the smallest homes in Western Europe, earning us the title ‘rabbit hutch Britain.’

It’s little wonder then that space is increasingly desirable for home buyers. Big Yellow research has discovered that almost a fifth of buyers (22%) wouldn’t make an offer on a property because it was too cluttered, so it’s important to maximise the space in your home to clinch that sale.

We surveyed estate agents across the country to reveal how de-cluttering your home can help it sell for more. In some cases, de-cluttering by removing bulky items to maximise space pushed the sale price up by as much as 11%. In fact, each square foot of floor space freed up is estimated to be worth an average of £238. A huge 95% of estate agents say de-cluttering leads to homes selling for more – 38% insist it increases the sale price ‘every time’.

Property expert, Kate Faulkner, comments: “Every seller wants to maximise the price of their property. Buyers are very canny these days – fuelled in part by the popularity of property and DIY TV shows – so will look for reasons to make a lower offer. A cluttered property which is bursting at the seams is going to be tough to justify offering full price on.”

We also surveyed Brits who have recently bought and sold a property to find out the impact of a de-cluttered home. Two thirds of sellers who de-cluttered before viewings received a higher offer than expected – £4,811 more, on average.

Here’s some simple tactics you can use to boost your house’s sale price:

• Strategically placed mirrors to create the illusion of space and light (£947)
• Removing a door (£930)
• Taking down family photos (£921)
• Removing other furniture or bulky items (£836)
• Removing a sofa (£826)
• Removing a dining room table (£812)

Self storage allows you to remove bulky furniture which makes the home feel smaller, or personal items you’ve accumulated over the years that you’d rather not throw away. At Big Yellow you can store from as little as seven days or for as long as you need, so it’s ideal for keeping possessions out of sight during the viewing period and storage during the move. We have a range of safe and secure options for whatever space is required so get in touch to find out more.