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Did You Know: Chicken Feathers

…that as we move away from being a carbon based economy, new forms of storing hydrogen are being created? Gram for gram, hydrogen has an energy density three times that of petroleum, but litre for litre, the density is very poor. In fact, if you want to avoid having to store it in giant tanks, conventional technology requires that you put it into liquid form (which in itself is energy expensive).

An alternative is storing hydrogen in solid materials, and researchers at the University of Delaware, have found that carbonising chicken feathers produces a high surface area, which can store a lot of hydrogen.

Efficient as this is, there’s no need to resort to chicken feathers to store your everyday goods. There are plenty of space saving ways to pack things away – from boxes, to really useful trunk cases and wardrobes. Get in touch with Big Yellow today and talk with us about the best ways to use self-storage for your items, although I’m afraid we likely won’t be able to store any spare hydrogen you may have.