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Don’t be afraid to upcycle

Summer is the perfect time to get creative, and at Big Yellow, we love the idea of upcycling – taking possessions that you no longer need or want, and turning it into something beautiful.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started, and remember to keep an eye on our Twitter page for more inspirational tips.

Light up your garden
You can create a stunning floral display in your garden, or even your conservatory, with recycled lights bulbs. All you need is an old light bulb, a piece of string, and some flowers

These boots are made for…plants
Children grow at the speed of light, so their clothes and shoes can be quickly outgrown. With this creative idea, there’s no need to get rid of their old wellies, and its great fun for the kids to get involved with. A few old wellies, some soil and pretty flowers, and there you have it, a unique upcycled flower project.

String when you’re winning
Old sporting equipment can look really unique and add a vintage feel to your home. If you have an old tennis racket lying around, with minimal work you can transform it into a fun jewellery holder – simply hang it on a wall with a hook, and thread your earrings and necklaces through the strings.

Upcycle your glass
Instead of recycling your glass bottles, you can upcycle them. By adding some fairy lights into different coloured bottles, it makes for a magical lighting feature in your home.

Home transformations
The holy grail of all upcycling – furniture. You can have great fun with chests of drawers, as you can turn the bland into something much more exciting. Try painting the drawers a different colour from the chest and changing the knobs to a variation of different types; it will totally transform any room you place it in.

Photo credits:,,,, ClassyGarbage (Etsy)