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Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep; it contributes to making you feel great in mind, body and soul. There’s lots of tips out there on how to ensure you get the best night’s sleep, ranging from what you eat throughout the day to evening routines to relax you before bedtime.

The Chinese philosophy of feng shui can help harmonise you with your surrounding environment, and where else could this be more important than in the bedroom? Here’s some really simple tips on how to make your bedroom a haven of peace and positive energy.

Remove everything you do not love in your bedroom; lightening the load of stuff will create a therapeutic feeling. Remove the TV, computer or even exercise equipment that you might keep in there. All these things will bring energy of work and stress, and present distractions while trying to relax. To make space for these in other rooms around the home, think about the things you don’t really use on a regular basis, and store them at Big Yellow.
Modern bedroom

Air quality
Breathing in air that is stale and full of pollutants contributes to bad feng shui. To keep the air in your room fresh and full of oxygen, open the windows often, or use a good quality air-purifier. Essential oils can also help purify the air, but be sure to choose actual essential oils with healing properties, rather than fragrance oils.

Best bed
In feng shui, there’s three basic guidelines for your bed:
• Position the bed so it’s easily approachable from each side
• Have two bedside tables, one on each side for symmetry
• The bed should be positioned furthest away from the door, but not in line with it, and you want to be able to see the door while you’re in bed

Alongside these three points, it’s also important to have a good mattress, a solid headboard and high quality sheets.
bedroom interior

Colour, décor & lighting
The best colours for flow of energy in the bedroom are the so-called ‘skin colours’, which vary from pale white to rich chocolate brown. When choosing artwork for your walls, decide on images that you want to see happening in your own life, such as image of happiness, love, and relationships. You should also have several levels of lighting in your bedroom; this is where a dimmer switch works well. Candles are the best feng shui bedroom lighting, as they create an intimate, warm and healing atmosphere, but make sure you blow them out before bed!

Night time
Keeping all doors closed at night, including wardrobe and bedroom doors, and the en-suite bathroom door, will allow for the best flow of energy while you sleep. Keeping the inside of your closet or wardrobe tidy will also help create a further sense of peace.

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