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Five easy fixes to help keep your things safe

Your bags are packed and you’ve triple checked that you’ve got your passport. The dog’s been taken care of and now all that’s left to do is leave. Before you do, read our five quick and easy tips to ensure you come home to the same house you left behind.

The light’s on so someone is home
A well lit home is far less likely to be broken into. Illuminate your exterior with motion sensor lighting and consider installing plug socket timers for your lamps in order to give the impression someone is in while you’re away.

Unlike you, burglars won’t just let themselves in through the front door. Most of the time they will try the back. Use fencing to keep out unwanted visitors but don’t stop there, add some trellis to the top. It is more difficult for people to climb and breaks easily, stopping crooks in their path.

Get green fingered to catch thieves red handed
Trimming your lawn or cutting down that overhanging tree just before you depart on holiday is an easy way to deter burglars. If a front lawn is recently mown, it is likely that the owners are still at home.

Don’t get un-hinged
Gaining entry is a lot easier if exterior door hinges are used. These are more on show and are therefore easier for thieves to tamper with. We recommend resetting the hinges on your door to an interior door hinge. It will make life more difficult for those who want to ruin your holiday.

Keep your wires covered, not crossed
External wiring acts as a bit of a map for burglars and gives them a hint of what gadgets they can find inside. Thieves are also likely to cut any wires they see before entering in order to disarm any security systems you have in place.

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