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Five top tips for tackling the bank holiday clear out

What’s the best thing about bank holidays? You’ve got one extra day to tackle that clear out and still have the two days to recover. It’s time to open those curtains, let the sun in and get down to your bank holiday clear out. Here are some top tips to help you get through it.

Be realistic
You’ve got one day so rather than turn your house upside down, inside out and get it back to normal again, set yourself a realistic goal. What can you achieve in just one day? Work to a deadline and more importantly, stick to it.

Now that you know you can’t do it all (although you’d probably like to think you can) plan what needs to get done. Is the kitchen driving you crazy? Is that pile of papers in the office stopping you from working? Start with the biggest problem areas so that the job gets easier throughout the day. Preparation is key in most things… even a bank holiday clear out.

Divide and conquer
They say ‘a problem halved is a problem solved’ so recruit some family and/or friends to help you. If they’re not willing to give up their time consider how a professional organiser can help you. Believe it or not there are plenty of ‘professional declutterers’ online for you to choose from. Alternatively, do it yourself and get in touch with the Big Yellow team who can help you find a man and van to shift some of your belongings for you.

Be kind to yourself
Some would say be ruthless. We say, be kind to yourself. Have a yes, no and a maybe later pile.

The ‘maybe later’ pile should consist of the items you love dearly and want to keep but don’t necessarily have a purpose for every day. In this case, think about how short term storage may be of benefit to you. At Big Yellow we offer flexible contracts that allow you to up or downsize your storage space to reflect your needs.

The four steps above aim to make life a little easier when tackling the bank holiday clear out. The next piece of advice we are going to give you is probably the most important…

Reward yourself
A bank holiday clear out shouldn’t take all day. Stick to your deadline and allow yourself some time to enjoy the rest of the day.

To find out more about how Big Yellow could help you tackle the bank holiday clear out, take a look around the website.