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Fun things to do over half term

May half term is when you know summer is on its way, but with school out for a week, it’s difficult not to spend lots of money on keeping children entertained.

Here’s a few inspirational tips for fun and cheap things you can do to keep them occupied.

Science can be fun
With a quick search on the internet, you can find a whole host of easy science experiments that you can do at home, which will not only be fun, but also educational. Try this one below and you’ll have them amazed.
Science experiments

A mini Monet
Painting – a nice, quiet activity that is guaranteed to keep them entertained for hours. If it’s nice weather, you could stick together lots of pieces of paper to make a giant canvas, and let them run about and get messy (but maybe not so quiet!) in the garden.

Fun in the sun
Garden games are always a winner if the weather stays fine. With a few pieces of cardboard, there’s lots of games you could create, such as ‘noughts & crosses’, or if you’re feeling really creative, a game of garden bowling. The kids will have great fun helping to make it as well as playing it.
Garden Games

Toilet roll craft
Get creative by upcycling something that would usually get thrown away. Our Twitter feed is full of fun ways you can re-use finished toilet rolls, such a creating wall art.
Toilet Roll Craft

You don’t have to look far to find origami step-by-steps – it’s challenging but also fun, and therapeutic if you want to join in. With a few pieces of paper, you can keep the children amused for hours. It’s a great indoor activity.

Don’t forget to check out our Twitter feed where there’s lot more inspiration of fun things you could do this weekend.