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Hot BBQ tips for a cold British Summer

We’re not all about industrial units, business storage and warehouse space at Big Yellow Self Storage. We’re also about making the most out of what you have whether it is space, furniture or even the British weather.

A British summer wouldn’t be the same without a barbeque or two, but with the weather as it is, barbeques are few and far between. How can you make the most out of these brief and rare sunny spells? Here at Big Yellow we’ve been trying to master the art of the barbeque and we think we’ve cracked it! Read our tips and tricks to perfect your “summer” barbeque…

1. Invest in a good barbeque. If you don’t have the right tools how can you expect to cook up a good feast? Whilst the price makes disposable barbeques very tempting, and let’s not forget the fact they require no cleaning, you will taste the difference when you cook on a quality barbeque. The heavier the grill the better. We recommend stainless steel grills as not only are they easier to maintain but their thickness will both retain the heat and distribute it more evenly.

2. Bring food up to room temperature before cooking. The hardest thing to achieve on a Barbie is meat which is cooked in the middle but not burnt on the outside. Letting your meat come up to room temperature before cooking is a great way to reduce burning.

3. Oil the surface of your barbeque. Not only will this mean less struggle if something decides to stick but it gives your meat that typical barbequed taste. Use a tea towel or cloth which you’re happy to throw away, lightly coat it with vegetable oil and brush over the grill.

4. Come rain or shine, dine on time. Choosing the right moment to start cooking can be a bit touch and go. The only thing you need to know about lighting a Barbie is that 100% charcoal works best. Not only is lump charcoal less messy, but it also has a higher fire control rate. Leave to burn till a whitened ash grey colour appears evenly over the surface.

5. Experiment! Even though the weather may be dull it doesn’t mean your barbeque has to be. Adding unexpected ingredients and combinations can make it a meal to remember for you and your friends or family. How about hot cheddar and ciabatta kebabs? Or prawns marinated in rum, pineapple juice and Cajun spice for that Caribbean dream?

6. Finally, clean it well. We all know that by the time you have finished cooking for everyone and finally sat down to your own food the last thing you want to think about is the washing up. In most cases a wire brush and some elbow grease will do the job, but if you are finding it particularly tough, leave your grill to soak in warm water and vinegar to loosen the dirt. Think about it, at least if you clear the aftermath now, there’ll be less of a stress next time the sun decides to come out.