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How to maintain value of all-weather furniture

Out of all the items in your home, outdoor furniture is the most weather-beaten. Exposed to snowy winters and British ‘summers’, outdoor items need the most tender love and care to make sure they don’t lose their quality and value. Here are a few ways to ensure they’ll last you for many seasons to come.

1) Treat them with a protective varnish. Coating wooden furniture in a protective sealant at the start of the summer season will help reduce the amount of water absorbed into the grain, as well as protecting it from the sun. After a while furniture will start to fade so coloured varnishes can be a great way to bring some much needed life back to your furniture. You can buy them in a range of natural colours here. For metal furniture these protective paints are the most effective way to stop them from rusting without moving all the furniture indoors. Be sure to cover the joints well as these are often the most vulnerable areas.

2) Think about storage for the winter months. You wouldn’t want to be left standing in the cold over the winter months and nor does your furniture. Ensuring your items fold into compact shapes fitting for the space you’ve allocated, will save a lot of struggle. Keeping furniture away from the wind and rain will stop wooden items from warping which occurs when water is absorbed and temperature changes.

3) Replace soft furnishings regularly. Metal and wood can withstand far more than fabric. While the base of your furniture may look as good as new, the cushions and covers can quickly reveal their age. These are easily bought in a range of sizes and patterns allowing you to redesign your garden every season. If it’s longevity you’re after we suggest buying removable cushions that can be stored when not in use.

4) Cover them up! If storing furniture inside isn’t an option then invest in protective covers. Make sure these are PVC backed as they’re best at repelling water. In addition, these covers help keep your furniture clean for when you next want to use them by guarding them from dust and pesky animals. Remember to tie covers securely to prevent them being ‘gone with the wind’.

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