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How to make marbled mugs

We love being creative at Big Yellow – our Twitter feed is full of imaginative ways to use your space, fun arts and crafts to do on the weekend, and artistic ways to store your stuff.

If you’re feeling creative, and looking for an easy DIY makeover, here’s a fun trick for taking plain mugs and making them into colourful marble designs.

Check out our short video on Twitter for a simple demonstration, or follow our easy steps below.

Step 1
Get your hands on some nail varnish and pick what colour you want to use. Don’t limit yourself to one colour – the more the merrier!

Marbled Mugs

Step 2
You need a bowl of warm water. The bowl needs to be at least five inches deep. Drizzle your choice of coloured nail varnish into the water so it creates a spiral shape. If you blow gently on it, it will disperse further round the bowl.

Step 3
Get your mug, and dip the bottom half into the water and swirl it around so the colour sticks to it in a marble texture. Work as quick as you can for best results.

Tip: To do multi-coloured ones, pour both colours into the water and use a tooth pick to mix it around.

Step 4
Simply spray with an acrylic sealant, which will make it stick (though not in the dishwasher or the microwave!).

Your beautiful marbled mugs will make great plant pots, pen holders, or simply brighten up a great cuppa tea.

Marbled Mugs Plant