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How to make your household more green

At Big Yellow, we know the most important space of all is the environment that surrounds us. That’s why we continue to work hard to create an environmentally friendly business.

It doesn’t take much to make your household more green. A few small changes here and there can really contribute to helping the environment in the long term.


Probably the simplest way to help reduce your footprint is by changing your lightbulbs to energy saving alternatives. The Energy Saving Trust says that homeowners can knock £100 a year off their energy bills by switching to energy efficient bulbs. At Big Yellow, most of our stores use energy efficient lighting, which are also motion-sensored, so it’s only on when you need it.

Our external signs also use LED lights, which are up to 60% more efficient than the previous lighting we used.


Use the sun

Consider investing in solar panels for your home. They can be expensive to install, however you can make long term savings. You can use the energy they generate for your home, as well as sell any excess energy onto the National Grid. A quarter of Big Yellow stores now have solar panels and these provide 30% of the store’s energy use. We even have in-store displays, so our customers can see how much power is being generated from our rooftop solar panels.

Plant a tree
As everyone knows, planting a tree is good for the air and the land around you. If you have some space in your garden, then why not think about planting one? Watch it grow each year knowing you’ve done something great for the environment.

Did you know that a number of our stores have a roof made up of grass and small plants? Green roofs provide additional insulation for the stores’ upper floor, keeping it cool in the summer months and reducing the need for energy intensive ventilation.

Pay bills online
Research reveals that banking customers in the UK receive more than 1.2 billion paper letters and statements per year. If possible, going paperless for your bills and bank statements will make a big contribution to saving trees, and in turn the world. If you can’t cut out paper, then make sure you recycle each pieces that comes through the post.

For more information on Big Yellow’s Green commitment, see here.