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How to take care of your tools

Getting into the habit of looking after your tools, will only make them last longer. This may seem like common sense, however good tool care won’t just save you some pennies but it’s essential for your own safety too!

So next time your chisel goes blunt, don’t just chuck it out and buy a new one. Give it a little bit of TLC (Tool Loving Care, of course), store it properly and make sure it’s ready for your next task. Here at Big Yellow we’ve put together a few tips that will help you take care of those tools, yourself and your bank account!

1. Keep that rust away.

Remember, rust is the enemy of any DIY tool. Humidity and water are the primary causes of rust so if your tools get wet you could find that they become permanently damaged. If they do happen to get wet, make sure you dry them fully by wiping them with an old towel. Leave them somewhere nice and warm overnight or until all the moisture has gone.

2. Invest in a home for your tools.

Keeping your tools in cold or humid places like a garage or a metal box could expose them to moisture and therefore rust (remember rust is the enemy). Wooden tool boxes are ideal for storage as they maintain heat and the good quality ones will also keep the water at bay. If you want to show your tools how much you love them, splash out on this stylish toolbox (at £240 you’re really making a commitment to look after your tools).

3. Look sharp then fix up.

Dizzee Rascal (he’s a rapper for those who don’t know) got it wrong in his song ‘Fix Up, Look Sharp”. You should in fact, look sharp and then fix up if you really want your tools to work well and last. Give your tired tools a bit of an edge by investing in some sharpening stones. Sharpening stones work by taking the outer surface off, revealing a fresh and sharper blade. Adding a few drops of water or oil during the sharpening process helps to achieve the sharper edge quicker. Be careful not to use too much though as it could make the knife blade glide and not sharpen at all.

Got too many tools in your garden shed or simply want to make some more room for your new tool haven? Head over to Big Yellow where storage starts from as little as £5 a week.