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How to Turn Your Shed into a Man Cave!

As it’s National Shed Week we’re hitting you with our final instalment of shed-themed content. This time we are going to advise you on how to make the perfect man cave.

Does your other half always moan at you when you watch an action movie with the surround sound turned all the way up when all they want to do is watch soaps? Maybe you want to play air guitar with your work tie around your head and Bridget Jones is on the TV, on repeat, again? Or are you the one doing the moaning? Now ask yourself, do you have a shed? Is it empty or just wasting space in the garden? If the answer is yes (or no), you could turn it into the perfect getaway to relax and do all those things you’re not allowed to do indoors.

First things first you’re going to have to clear out the shed, if there is anything in there. You can dispose of it at the bottom of the garden, take it to the dump or alternatively think about putting it into storage. Make sure you tell the family where their items are getting moved to if they own anything in there to avoid getting into trouble! Once this is done, you need to make your shed habitable, which means you are going to have to think about waterproofing, heat, insulation and power.

• Make sure your shed is waterproof as the last thing you want is to set up your ‘escape pod’ and have water leaking in through the roof. Wait for a rainy day, (which shouldn’t be too long in England) and observe for any leaks. If there are, patch them up with a waterproof caulk.
• Next, wire up your shed and get some electricity in there. You should contact an electrician to do this at a reasonable price. Make sure they install plenty of sockets in there to plug in your appliances. Be sure to get them to run an Internet connection to your shed too if you don’t have the option of wireless. If you can’t find a good electrician, then you could go to your DIY store and get a waterproof extension cable. Make sure you always roll it back in the house overnight or when you leave the shed.
• To insulate your shed you should hang dry walls. You can buy a dry wall that already has an insulation layer on the back, which will save you time and effort. Make sure you line every crack and crevice as you want to be nice and cosy, especially if you are going to be in there for a long time.
• Now your shed is waterproof, insulated and ‘powered up’. You need to think about heat and a simple electric heater will suffice. You should get a timer to ensure that this isn’t left on. If you want to be properly green then you should invest in some solar panels for the roof to provide you with a limitless supply of juice!

Your shed is now habitable and ready for to be accessorised with all your manly, non-partner friendly, gadgets and gizmos. Make sure you have all the essentials in there, we suggest some of the following:

• Flat screen TV
• DVD or Blu-Ray player
• Surround sound system
• DVD’s
• Gaming console
• Games
• A comfy chair or sofa

Be sure to make this space completely your own, don’t let your partner influence you on the lamp shade that will go ‘perfectly’ with the colour of the dry wall. Think about some posters, a carpet, a portable fridge, magazines and most importantly, security. This can be as simple as fitting a lock on the door or even fitting a padlock to ensure your cave is safe. You’re never going to be able to get it as secure as Big Yellow, but if you want to prevent your stuff being stolen then ensure that you find a good shed alarm system. Your local hardware store can help with this.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy your favourite action movie (on full volume) with a cold drink.