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Life moment: Co-habiting for the first time

We recently conducted some research that showed half of British cohabiting couples admit to regularly fighting over clutter in their home, bickering 32 times a year on average.

These arguments lead to the typical couple throwing away £241.50 worth of possessions they would rather keep. Some even go to extreme lengths to get rid of their partner’s clutter with one in eight admitting they’ve ‘accidentally’ broken one of their other half’s prized possessions so they can bin it.

This goes to prove that moving in with your partner for the first time isn’t easy. Discussions will arise and decisions will have to be made, so we’re here to help prepare you for what’s to come.

First and foremost, don’t underestimate how much stuff you both have. Be prepared to compromise on what you believe is essential and the other sees as clutter. With regards to clothes, it’s likely that one chest of drawers won’t do. You’ll probably need one each, and a wardrobe to share.

A big issue between couples co-habiting is duplicates – two sets of crockery, two TVs, two sofas, two of the same books – however don’t make a quick decision and throw one of them out. Perhaps you have a personal attachment to your own version, or you may want to keep it as a future hand me down. Self-storage offers the perfect solution to keep these items safe while you decide what you want to do with them. If you can’t decide whose should stay and whose should go, then try a month with one or the other, and see what fits the best.

The design of the flat or house is also an area where a compromise is vital. When you’re moving in with your partner, there’s bound to be different ideas on how the interior should be decorated.

The design of a home can be a collaborative process, but remember not to fall into the trap where choosing a neutral design is the best because it’s the easiest. Search online for inspiration and ideas on how you can test out different colours and different styles. Decide on a theme together, and whatever belongings you have that don’t quite fit this theme, you can keep them at Big Yellow until you find a home that they will suit.

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