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Life moment: Preparing your home for a pet

For animal lovers, getting a pet is probably one of life’s most exciting moments.

While welcoming a four legged friend into the family is not to be taken lightly, it should be full of fun and transform your house into haven of love and laughter. Here’s a few tips on how to prepare your home and ensure that your new pet settles in nicely.

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Animal chores
Before the new addition arrives, create a chart that gets the whole family involved with looking after it. For example, allocate someone’s name to feeding it, training it and exercising it each day so the responsibility is split between everyone.
Prepare for a pet

A clean & safe house
Clean your house inside out and evaluate what might need moving around or even putting into storage. Every potential choking hazard, such as paperclips and rubber bands, will need to be up high and off the floor. Puppies love to chew, so electrical cords will need to be taped down or hidden behind furniture. Valuable items will need to be placed out of reach, and unstable objects such as lamps, coffee tables and vases may need be moved out of the way. Think about self storage as a temporary solution until your pet gets trained and used to your home.
preparing for a pet

Lay down the law
To minimise any confusions for your pet, it’s crucial you establish rules in the house, which the whole family will have to abide by. For example, will the dog be allowed on the sofa? Will the cat be allowed in the bedrooms? Decide what will be off limits before the pet arrives so everyone can be strict from day one.
prepare for a pet

Stock up
Once your new pet has had the grand tour of your home for the first time, take it along to your local pet store to purchase all the necessary supplies, such as toys, leads, food, beds etc. If this is your first pet, ask the shop assistant to help you make your decisions and guide you to making the right purchases.
prepare for a pet

Create the space
With a pet comes a lot of stuff – toys, beds, food, cages and all sorts. There are so many ways to be creative with your space so that you don’t have to sacrifice too much of your own. For example, clear out your cupboard under the stairs to make a dog home or shape your bunny cage so it sits perfectly underneath.
prepare for a pet