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Life moment: Top tips for travelling when you’re older

It’s a big world out there, and there’s so many things to see, places to go and people to meet. It’s easy to think that travelling is something to do while you’re young and free. However, there is no time limit on travelling.

There’s a hugely different experience to be had from when you’re on your gap year at 18, and when you’re retired and the kids have all moved on. Money is no longer as much of an issue, your outlook on life is completely different, and you can shoot off for as long as you like. It can be a massive life moment; one that is not to be taken lightly.

So here’s a few tips to get you on your way.

Don’t put it off
Stop making excuses on why you shouldn’t go, and start thinking of the reasons you should. For every excuse, there is a solution. Most people who wait to travel the world, never do. So pick a date, book a flight and start planning the trip of a lifetime.
Don't put it off

Share your space reward treat
To help fund your travels along the way, why not open your home to others whilst you explore the world. Not only that, some people feel more relaxed leaving their home knowing its being lived in and looked after whilst you’re not there. With Airbnb becoming more of a popular choice for travel accommodation, you could also mix up your travels and stay in a home away from home.

Where, what, how & why
Travelling when you’re older is no longer about where the party is, or where your friends are going, it’s about a whole lot more. Some might feel the need to learn something new or even give back and teach. Depending on the time you’re away, pick one or two places you’ve always dreamt of going to and explore it all. Temporarily becoming part of a community will give you a truly wholesome experience, allowing you to learn new things, volunteer and share your life experiences with people around the world.
Child and chalkboard. FINAL

Pack light but always be prepared
Pack lightly – you’ll thank yourself later. As much as being ruthless when packing your main bag is important, it’s also very useful to be prepared. Firstly before you pack anything, line your backpack with a bin liner for extra waterproof protection. After all there’s nothing worse than all your belongings getting soaked from the rain, wet transport such as boats or even any spillages.

Always have a smaller rucksack ready with the essentials for any occasion, such as a toothbrush to make you feel normal when you’re stuck in an airport all night without your luggage.
No matter what the weather, scarf = blanket, you never know when you’re going to need that extra layer and being prepared beats shivering any day.
Old travelling couple

Taking the first step
The hardest bit will be getting on the plane, and feeling as though you’re leaving it all behind, so preparation is vital. If you have pets, leave them with someone you trust, such as a close relative. Leave a house key with a neighbour and/or family member in case someone needs to access your house. If you want to ensure the safety of any certain important belongings, then you can easily put them into storage at Big Yellow for as little as £2.85 a week.
big yellow storage

Minimise the risks
In different parts of the world, you can be an easy target, so make sure you’re aware of the appearance you’re giving off. There’s no room for sentimentality, so don’t bring or wear anything too expensive and keep carrying cash to a minimum. Photographing every step of your trip is natural, but remember to back up your photos on an online hard drive so you can’t lose them. Having more than one memory stick is also a plus, as let’s just say you’re going to be constantly trigger happy.
reduce the risk

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