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Life moments: How to prepare for a baby and beyond

Along with the excitement of having a child, comes the need for a lot of preparation. There’s so many things to think about, it’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed. As they start getting older, their needs change, and you’ll want to be prepared to keep up.

However, we’re here to help, and these little tips and tricks will be a good start to guiding you through this life moment.

Create the space
Now comes the time when you need to be clever with your storage solutions, and make sure everything is stored safely. Hanging baskets from the ceiling is a great way to store toys without the risk of mess, and also saves space without the need for shelves. You’ll need to create extra space around the home to fit in the new member of the family. It could be that you’ll need to turn the guest bedroom into a playroom, or the storage room into a nursery. Check out our storage units for your extra items you don’t need in the home at the moment – we’re sure there’s something there to suit your needs.
hanging baskets

Safety around the home
Fixing gates are a super easy instalment, which you can add into your home with minimal effort. At the top and the bottom of the stairs is a must, but also areas of danger, such as the fire place. You can also add nifty child locks on cupboard doors to prevent any accidents. Also in the kitchen, store hazardous chemicals in high places rather than under your sink, and keep appliances out of reach.
locks on cupbords

Designated scribble areas
One thing is absolutely certain – kids love to draw. Whether it’s on paper, a pair of shoes, all over the wall, with pens, pencils or paint, you will have scribbles everywhere. Why not create a scribble wall where they can go crazy. You could install a large chalk board at toddler level, or add a selection of materials on to boards and stick them on a wall.

Prepare for fun
Put your creative hat on – you’re going to need it. Toddlers need almost constant entertainment, so it’s vital you have a stock of fun things to do. Check out our Twitter feed for creative inspiration; we update it daily with activities that will help.
wendy house