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Life moments: Top tips for planning your wedding

There’s a huge amount of excitement when getting married, as well as a lot of planning. It’s vital you are prepared for the journey ahead, and preparation is key for making the whole day run smoothly

Here’s some tips from us here at Big Yellow to help make things easier. Don’t forget to check out our Twitter channel where we offer helpful tips and tricks for life’s key moment every day.
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Let’s talk about money…
When you first start planning, sit down together and work out a realistic budget before you book anything. Make a list of the crucial details, such as music, wedding dress, invitations, flowers and photographer, and assign a number to each, prioritising on what is most important to you both. From here, you can see which parts you’d like to invest more money in, and others you can cut corners on.

It’s also a good idea to talk to friends and family who have recently got married – they’ll be able to shed some light on the things you might not think about. This will avoid any unexpected, last minute purchases that may blow your budget.
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Lay down the law
If parents are contributing to the budget, it’s normal that they’ll want to have a bit of an input, and you will also need to call on their help. However, it’s your day, so don’t feel forced into doing things you don’t want to. Make sure you’re clear on this from the beginning.

Arts & crafts
While on the topic of budget, it’s also worth thinking about what you can do yourself to not only save money, but also add a personal touch to the wedding. There’s a whole bunch of DIY ideas on our Twitter page, such as these cute and creative table decorations.
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The hardest list of them all
Get an approximate number of guest you’ll want to invite before deciding on a venue, this will help determine how much space you’ll need. If you need to cut down on numbers, try the prioritising trick again. Place immediate family, bridal party and best friends at the top of the list, and follow with uncles, aunts, cousins and close friends. Under that, comes parents’ friends, colleagues, old friends and so on. Start from the bottom when making cuts.
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The paper chain
When dealing with suppliers, always get agreements in writing. A simple email asking them to confirm that the venue will stay open until 2am rather than 12pm can make your life a whole lot easier. If your original contact leaves, then you have the power of the paper chain to vouch for you.
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Divvy out those digits
The week before the wedding, make a list of everyone involved, including the wedding party and all the suppliers with full contact details. Hand it out to the key people at the wedding in case of any last minute emergencies.

Keep your keepsakes
Whether it’s during the planning stages or after the big day, you’ll accumulate a lot of stuff. There will be bits and bobs floating around, cluttering up your home. With so much to think about while you’re planning, a clear home is a clear mind. Keep your home clutter-free by keeping your wedding pieces safe in storage. Check out the options we have available here.
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If all this sounds too much, then you can always hire a wedding planner to take all the stress out of your wedding…

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