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Man cave must haves

There’s nothing more manly than having your own man cave – a space earmarked as your sanctuary. A space where dads, grandads, men and friends can get away from the stress of everyday life.

We once revealed that 36% of men argue weekly with their partner about the space their possessions take up. As a result, 70% of Brits agree that a man cave is, or would be, beneficial to their relationship.

Here at Big Yellow, we can help. Here’s some fun inspiration of how to kit out your man cave. We’re also here to help with space; clear your basement, loft, shed or garage, and leave those belongings with us, and let the inspiration take over…

Priority seating
The man of the house has their designated seat in front of the TV. No man cave would be complete without a comfy leather chair, moulded into the shape of your most favoured sitting position.
Leather Chairs

The art of relaxing
Cool artwork creates atmosphere simply and quickly. To transform your man cave from a room to a proper hang out, pick a theme, buy some stylish posters, invest in getting them professionally framed and hang wherever you please.

It’s game time
An absolute must – a gaming table. Poker, Blackjack, Risk, you name it, you can play it. Drink holder included, and a dropped surface to hide your hand.
Gaming Table

Flicking and listening
Records and comics – the two collections that take up a whole bunch of space around the house. When we conducted the survey around what men were most likely to stash in their cave, we discovered that 31% of you would keep your comics and magazines, and 29% would hold onto their music collection.

Sit back and relax
We all know what makes most men tick – sports. A vital ingredient in the setup is a TV with as many sports channels as possible. This will allow undisrupted viewing time of all your favourite games.

Photo credits: Leather Club Chairs, John Severson,, PrepositionTumblroom,