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National Gardening Week: Tips & Tricks

This week is National Gardening Week, and to celebrate we’ve got some great tips to get you in the mood to head out into the garden.

Remember, you don’t need to have a garden to do gardening. There’s lots of types of indoor plants, and small potted ones that you could have on your balcony. If you’re just starting out, growing herbs or chillies on your windowsill is fun and rewarding too.

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Protect yourself
Muddy and sore knees are a sign of a keen gardener, however it’s not ideal. Reuse a wall from a cardboard box and wrap it with bubble wrap for a comfy knee protector.
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Double up
A wire basket, which is easy to make if you’re into a bit of DIY, is a great way to do two jobs at once. Fill it with your freshly picked veggies and while washing them outside, you can water the garden too. It’s handy, and a great way to conserve water.
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The green greenhouse
Recycle plastic bottles to create mini greenhouses for your seedlings when they’re in the beginning stages. Simply cut a bottle in half, place the pot on your window sill and put the half bottle over the top.

Go nutty for nuts
One of the most popular toys to ever hit the shelves – the slinky. It turns out they also make fantastic bird feeders. Create a circular skeleton with a piece of metal wire and thread through your slinky. Fill it with a chunky feed, and watch your garden animals go nuts.

Veggie water
Hold onto your vegetable cooking water. When you boil veggies such as spinach, broccoli, potatoes and green beans, they release nutrients into the water. When it’s cooled down, you can use it to fertilise your plants in your garden.

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